• Tich Tok

Tich Tok

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Painting by Shabazz Larkin - Acrylic On Unstretched Canvas | 80x65 | 2019

Tich Tok - This exquisite painting embraces tranquility and mindfulness with a modern interpretation of the Madonna motif. This thought-provoking artwork features a mother and child reminiscent of the Virgin Mary, with a contemporary twist. The woman holds an Apple Watch, symbolizing timekeeping in our digital age. Intricately detailed, the painting incorporates a poem inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh that underscores the theme of embracing Buddhism and a new path. A tattoo of a scale on the woman’s ankle and the word "arrive" inscribed around a hammock speak to balance and being in the moment.This artwork is not just a visual delight but an invitation to mindfulness and spiritual exploration.

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